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Extremo Sur is the most experienced Rafting & Kayaking Company in all of Patagonia. For over thirty years, we have been rendering services to the most diverse range of users: adventurers, families, groups of friends, special events, conventions, incentive and educational trips, etc. Today, as always, we lead the way in the development of new products and activities.

Alejandro Rosales - Extremo Sur

Alejandro Rosales, director and owner of Extremo Sur, has been a rafting tour operator at Nahuel Huapi National Park since 1991. He has been a pioneer in white water activities in the country and the region.

He has significantly contributed to their development and growth, and has helped many people get interested in these sports, with his excursions, organizing courses, clinics and events, advising and training teams for adventure competitions like Eco-Challenge, etc.

Alejandro also has vast international experience.

In the last twenty, he has left his profession as an architect aside, to devote fully to the activity he loves and claim his pride in leading the best team.


Extremo Sur awaits you with excellent guides and instructors, renown as the best professional staff in Bariloche in their specialty. They are experienced kayakers and rafters who have made of running white waters their profession. They know the rivers in the region extensively and they will enjoy sharing memorable days with you.

Our guides and instructors have vast an international experience. All of our guides have a license from Prefectura Naval Argentina (Argentine Naval Prefecture) and have taken courses in whitewater rescue, First Aid and CPR. We have bilingual guides. IRF, International Rafting Federation, certified guides.


Extremo Sur - SalvavidasPersonal equipment

Extremo Sur offers comfort and safety to our passengers with the best equipment available on the international market:

Life vests: manufactured under U. S. Coast Guard standards. They are specifically designed for whitewater rafting.

Extremo Sur - Casco Pro-tec
Pro-tec Helmets:
known worldwide for their comfort and protection. Lateral pads have openings that allow users to hear normally.

Carlisle Paddles: made of aluminum and reinforced plastic. They are super resistant and light. They are polyethylene coated for a warm and safe grip.

Extremo Sur - EquipoNRS Waterproof jackets and pants:
made of very resistant and light nylon, with elastic neoprene neck and cuffs and adjustable waist closure, which keep out water from rain or splash.

Extremo Sur - Equipo
NRS neoprene suits:
made of DuPont 3mm neoprene, with extra knee protection. These suits are worn in Class III and IV rivers.

Dry bags: waterproof bags that are used to carry personal items such as extra coat, tanning lotion, etc.

The Boats

Extremo Sur - Boats

Rafts: our fleet is made up by modern and resistant standard or self bailing rafts. These boats consist of several air compartments, which make them unsinkable. We have well-known brands rafts, such as AIRE, NRS and H2O.

There are two choices for rafting: with paddles or with oars.

Paddle boats

Depending on the river difficulty, the boat has capacity for 8 or 10 people plus the guide. In this mode,
all the members of the group are involved: each person carries a paddle and participates actively as
part of a team, sometimes paddling softly and other times frantically.

Oar boats

In this case, the boat is maneuvered only by the guide, who rides it with a system of central oars secured to the raft through a frame. We usually use this system when there are many kids, or in cases in which passengers prefer not to paddle and but relax or take pictures instead.

Kayaks: We have two kinds of kayaks: rigid and inflatable.

Rigid Kayaks: They are made of rotomolded polyethylene. They are super resistant and agile.

Inflatable Kayaks or Duckies: They are inflatable boats for one or two people, with separate air chambers that make them unsinkable.


Extremo Sur - Vehicles

We have modern and comfortable Mercedes Benz Sprinter units to transport passengers from their lodging to the river and back.
On all our excursions, we carry complete safety equipment.

Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi
ATAP - Asociación de Turismo Activo de la Patagonia

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